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Lawn Care

Lawns require regular maintenance in order to ensure they remain neat, tidy and healthy. Green Valley offers high quality lawn care services for domestic and commercial customers. We offer services from simple fertilisation through to lawn renovation.

Fertiliser spreading

Why use Green Valley for your lawn care service?

  • We are an independent business with qualified, polite and uniformed operatives.
  • Our work is carried out with the minimum of disruption, leaving your garden tidy.
  • We have a variety of professional equipment which enables us to correctly care for your lawn.
  • Free lawn inspection with every quote. Soil samples can also be lab tested for a small fee.
  • Prices start at only £15!

Services Available


We currently offer a spring and summer fertiliser to nourish your lawn. It is fast acting compound fertiliser which will help you to gain a healthy, lush and vigorous lawn. Having a lush & healthy lawn enables it to with stand many lawn issues, such as weeds, moss growth, disease and drought. You can expect the nutrients to be released slowly over a 6 week period which avoids any rapid top growth and repeated mowing.

Lawn weed treatments

We currently offer lawn weed treatment using a product called Interfix, which is part of a new family of safer more user friendly weed treatments available to professionals. It will control many tough broad-leaved weeds including daisy, dandelion, plantain, mouse-ear, buttercup, ribwort, yarrow, speedwells & clovers.

lawn weeds

Other weed treatments

We currently offer non lawn weed treatment or total weed treatments using a product called Roundup Pro Vantage 480, which is part of a new family of safer more user friendly weed treatments only available to professionals. It will control most weeds and plants, even Japanese Knotweed!.

Moss treatments

We currently offer moss treatment for lawns and other surfaces. Due to the warm wet winter, moss has had perfect growing conditions in Sheffield. We recommend treating the moss before it takes over your lawn. If you have a severe moss outbreak, we recommend moss treatments combined with scarifying to remove the moss from the lawn, followed by over seeding.



Scarifying (or de-thatching) is the process of raking the lawn to remove thatch (dead grass), moss and other unwanted items in your lawn. We use a petrol engines scarifier which does a very thorough job of raking the lawn, leaving the grass room to spread and grow.


Aerating is the process of creating small holes in the turf in order to allow nutrients to gain access to the grass roots. Aeration also relieves compaction in lawns allowing the grass to grow easily.

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